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How an Active Social Life Boosts Heart Health

How an Active Social Life Boosts Heart Health

What comes to mind when you think about protecting your heart health? If you think it’s keeping your blood pressure in check, exercising regularly, and eating a nutritious diet, you’re right. However, one lesser-known fact is that maintaining healthy social connections can also keep heart disease at bay.

Studies show how lack of social interaction can not only harm mental health, but loneliness can impact physical health, as well. In fact, research from Harvard Medical School found that individuals with richer social circles typically live longer and can recover from health setbacks more quickly.

When a person cares about their social relationships, they tend to choose more positive behaviors such as getting plenty of exercise and eating heathy. Not only that, but these individuals also are more likely to avoid negative behaviors like smoking or drinking excessively. Frequent socialization also has stress-relief benefits that have a calming effect on the brain and reduce inflammation.

How Do I Increase My Social Connectedness?

If you’re feeling lonely and disconnected from others, there are resources available to kickstart a thriving social life. For example, access your local parks and recreation clubs, start volunteering at an organization you support, or participate in new hobbies or take up a new sport.

Even those who are strict about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic can maintain virtual connections with those who share similar interests or values. Seeing a therapist, either in person or virtual, might be beneficial if you are struggling finding a social outlet or need help coping with loneliness.

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