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COVID-19 Update – October 2023


The FDA has approved two (2) new 2023-2024 formula COVID-19 vaccines, Spikevax (by Moderna) and Comirnaty (by Pfizer), for individuals 12 and older. FHCP has ordered the Comirnaty vaccine for members 12+, and it will be available for no cost at these FHCP locations and all FHCP Pharmacies starting Monday, October 9, 2023.

The vaccine is not yet FDA-approved for individuals 6 months through 11 years of age. At this time, FHCP will not be vaccinating members aged 6 months to 11 years.


  • If you are not feeling well and have symptoms that may include shortness of breath, fever, or cough, it is recommended that you take an at-home COVID-19 test. Learn more about how to order your free at-home tests.
  • If your symptoms are severe, please visit an FHCP Testing Location. In addition to testing, people with significant symptoms will also be evaluated by a provider at these locations

Visiting an FHCP Facility

Members who are not having symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to continue scheduled appointments with their providers for routine care. We request that members who aren’t feeling well reschedule routine appointments.

Telehealth Virtual Visits

FHCP offers virtual visits to our members via telehealth with your provider or Doctor on Demand.

  • Call your FHCP staff provider’s office to set up a telehealth visit.
  • Doctor on Demand: 24/7 access to board-certified providers
  • Telehealth visits with non-FHCP staff physicians require the standard office copay.

For questions please contact:

  • FHCP Member Services: 386-615-4022 | 1-877-615-4022
    TRS Relay 711 TTY: 1-800-955-8770
  • FHCP Medicare Member Services: 386-615-5051 | 1-833-866-6559
    TRS Relay 711 TTY: 1-800-955-8770
    • 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, 7 days a week, October 1st – March 31st (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas)
    • 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Monday – Friday, April 1st – September 30th

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