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Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your FHCP Benefits

Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your FHCP Benefits

1. Use FHCP Pharmacies to fill your prescriptions

FHCP pharmacists are experts in helping you find the most cost-effective medications to meet your medical needs with no difference in the medical outcome. FHCP pharmacy costs can be significantly less expensive, and our pharmacists can help you identify alternative sources for covering your expense related to very expensive specialty drugs.

Also, you can obtain 90-day prescriptions for routine medications from an FHCP pharmacy or FHCP’s mail order pharmacy with lower copays.

2. Use In-Network Providers

FHCP works hard to make sure that we offer high-quality, cost-effective, and accessible networks of providers to serve our members. By using our core HMO network, you can be sure that you are maximizing your FHCP plan benefits for the lowest out-of-pocket costs. FHCP network providers have been trained in FHCP processes and know-how to work with FHCP to make sure you are getting the covered services/supplies you need. Using out-of-network doctors or facilities for routine care almost always means that you’ll have to pay higher prices or that your claim may not be covered at all. Also, out-of-network providers are not familiar with FHCP’s extensive programs designed to support you and your family’s health care needs.

You can get the most current information regarding your FHCP network through the FHCP Member Portal or online at

3. Avoid the Emergency Room

Unless you have an actual life-threatening emergency, stay away from the emergency room. Visiting an FHCP Extended Hours Care Center, participating provider doctor’s office, or urgent care clinic always costs you much less time and money.

Information about FHCP Network Extended Hour Care Centers, Urgent Care, and doctors can be found on FHCP’s website

4. Shop Around for Care

For elective procedures, the amount you pay for services under your FHCP benefit plan can be much higher at certain provider types than others. For example, your out-of-pocket cost for imaging services provided at an FHCP Clinic, network doctor’s office, or network imaging center, is usually much less than for the same service provided at a hospital, or hospital-affiliated outpatient surgery center, or doctor’s office. Choose carefully using FHCP’s Member Portal or online network directory. We let you know which surgery centers, imaging centers, and doctor’s offices are owned by hospitals.

FHCP also offers all members the services of our Coinsurance/Cost Estimation Center (CEC). The FHCP CEC is available to supply you with estimates of your out-of-pocket cost when accessing various FHCP networks or non-participating providers. You can reach them through the Member Portal or by calling 386-615-5068 or 1-800-352-9824, ext. 5068.

5. Try Telemedicine

FHCP offers telemedicine services to all our members. You can consult with a medical doctor face-to-face online for minor ailments, at a very low or no cost based on your FHCP benefit plan. FHCP also has an arrangement for members to be treated online by psychiatrists and psychologists for behavioral health needs. You can even schedule an appointment with a specific medical or behavioral health provider who is familiar with you and your needs. This service is available to you nationwide and you will be connected with a physician licensed in the State from which you are accessing this service. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the house when you’re under the weather.

6. Check Your Bill for Errors

Before paying any bill from a provider, you should make sure that FHCP has been billed first. When FHCP pays a medical claim, we will send you (depending on your preference) a paper or electronic “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB) that will provide details about your bill, summarize what we have paid on your behalf, and what you owe to the provider. Protect yourself from overpaying your portion of health costs by carefully reviewing every FHCP EOB that you receive. Electronic versions of all of your FHCP EOBs are available in the FHCP Member Portal, even if you already received a paper EOB.

If you have a question about your EOB, FHCP’s Claims Customer Service Department is happy to review it with you and we will dispute on your behalf with a provider any potential errors. If anything looks off, or you don’t understand a charge, contact Claims Customer Service at 386-615-5010 or 1-800-352-9824, ext. 5010.

7. Take Advantage of FHCP Wellness Programs

FHCP offers a wide variety of Wellness Programs to our members. Some are offered through employers — such as biometric screenings, health assessments, and physical activity programs. All members can access a wide variety of classes and programs to improve their health. To learn about these programs, please look on FHCP’s website

8. Get Moving

FHCP offers an extensive network of fitness centers throughout our service area. If you have a plan that covers access to our gym network, you can improve your health by accessing these facilities for free. You can go to any participating facility as many times as you want. You can use one facility in the morning, and a different one at night. In addition to causing poor health, living an inactive lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on your medical bills.

9. Ask FHCP for Help

There can be many reasons why patients need medical care. Some reasons are easily identified, while other reasons may not be so obvious to your doctor. Improper nutrition, poor housing conditions, lack of family support, and transportation needs can all affect how you get and stay well. FHCP’s Care Management and Member Services teams work with you and your doctors to help you find answers to problems that interfere with your health. While not all needed services are actually covered by your FHCP benefit plan, team members are experts in helping you access covered services and putting you in touch with agencies that can help with other needs.

10. Connect with us Electronically

FHCP’s Member Portal has recently been updated to be more User friendly. You can check on the payment status of a claim or pre-authorization request, download copies of EOB’s, view your benefit documents, communicate with various FHCP departments, and other activities. It is easy to sign up for the FHCP Member portal and enjoy 24/7 access to FHCP. To access the Member Portal, go to The Member Portal link is at the left top corner of the FHCP website’s home page.

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