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Is Your Emergency Hurricane Kit Stocked?

Is Your Emergency Hurricane Kit Stocked?

Disaster can strike without warning – so don’t get caught unprepared.

As part of your basic household disaster preparation, you should have a Survival Kit ready and stocked so that you and your family can survive for 72 hours on your own, if necessary.

Here’s an easy guide for creating your own kit. An Emergency Hurricane Kit should contain the following items:


  • One gallon of water per person per day in unbreakable containers. Children, nursing mothers, and people who are ill will need to drink more water.
  • Add more water to your calculation for mixing formula if you have young children or if you have pets.
  • Add a minimum of two quarts per person per day for food preparation and sanitation.
  • Buy water purification tablets. You can use them if you still have running water but have been told to boil the water before use.


  • Stock the Emergency Hurricane Kit with a three and seven days’ supply of food for each family member. Look for small, single-serving portions that do not require refrigeration.
  • Good choices are ready-to-eat canned fruits, vegetables, and meats. Canned juice, soup, and milk, crackers, granola bars, and trail mix should also be included.
  • Don’t forget to include paper plates, plastic utensils, and paper cups. Add a can opener, aluminum foil, plastic storage containers, Sterno for cooking, and vitamins.


  • Include toilet paper, soap, and liquid hand sanitizer in your kit.
  • Add feminine supplies and plastic garbage bags and ties to dispose of them discreetly after use.
  • Liquid detergent, chlorine bleach, and disinfectant can be used to keep things clean and neat.
  • You’ll also need absorbent towels for cleanup.

First Aid Kit

Buy or make a First Aid Kit for your home and your car, and as part of your emergency hurricane kit. This kit should have everything you need to take care of mild to moderate injuries. Make sure that it includes bandages, hand wipes, gloves, tape, cold packs, scissors, tweezers, and rubbing alcohol.

Other Key Things To Include In Your Kit

You and your family will also need to pack a change of clothes and get blankets/bedding. Make sure you have cash or traveler’s checks on hand to get you through several days in case there is no power in your area and you are unable to use your credit cards temporarily.

When your kit is prepared and stored, you can rest assured that no matter what type of disaster comes your way you and your family will be prepared and taken care of.

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