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Estimating Your Costs

Fair Health is a service that offers an interactive website allowing members the ability to enter specific information, such as medical service descriptions or the American Medical Association’s CPT code(s) related to the medical service/procedure, to obtain estimates of service costs. Please note that such estimates are a range of prices based on local market costs. Your individual out-of-pocket cost related to deductibles, maximum out-of- pocket limits, co-insurance or copayments are not considered in the estimated costs provided by this tool.

It is also important to know that your out-of-pocket expense between in-network vs. out-of-network benefits can be significant and you may be responsible for charges by non-participating providers for non-emergency services charges that are above FHCP approved rates.

Use of this tool does not constitute FHCP approval or authorization for the service. For specific individual estimates, you can contact FHCP’s Cost Estimation Center via email at or via telephone at (800) 352-9824, Ext. 5068.

By clicking the below link you are being sent to a third party website which is independent and separate from FHCP. The amounts are estimated and may not reflect their actual cost under the plan. FHCP makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of the information presented on this third party website.


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