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Howard Tipton

I love my Florida Health Care Plan and I would not go back to my old plan for any reason because of the convenience, the low cost and the service.

Richard Weiss, M.D.

I am very pleased with the experience of all aspects of FHCP. Everyone at FHCP has made an enormous and successful effort to help me deliver care to our patients. BRAVO! I have not had any problem with primary care or specialists and once I place a telephone call, I have whatever help I need. The referral process has been exemplary--excellent, kind, polite!

Daryl Fogarty

We have been part of the FHCP family for years. I say family because of how comfortable we feel, they are always smiling and very helpful. Dr Gupta is the best, as are the pharmacy crew they know us by name, the aftercare group is so readily available. I really can’t say they need any improvement. I give them an A+++.

Barbara S. Gruner

My husband and I have been members of FHCP for a number of years and we have been more than happy with our experience. From the Doctors down to the pharmacy, we find they all go above and beyond for their patients.

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