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The ScripTalk® software allows FHCP Pharmacy Mail Order to create labels that are placed on the bottom of the prescriptions and can be scanned using a base reader or phone app. These labels allow you to hear the following label information read aloud:

  • Drug Name, Dosage, and Instructions
  • Warnings and Contraindications
  • Pharmacy Information
  • Doctor Name
  • Prescription Number and Date

How Does it WORK?

After enrollment, you will receive a label reader at no cost to you. FHCP Pharmacy Mail Order will attach a small electronic tag to your prescription container. It contains the same information as the printed label. Place the container on the ScripTalk® Station Label Reader and hear the label information spoken aloud.

What Does it COST?

As part of En-Vision America’s Pharmacy Freedom Program, the ScripTalk® Station Label Reader is supplied on loan to patients at no cost. This is a FREE program.


Talk to your FHCP pharmacist today about using ScripTalk®. We can help you get started with talking labels!

Call 800.232.0216 for more information on how to get enrolled in the FHCP Mail Order Pharmacy and how you can sign up for this ScripTalk® service.

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