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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month, Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month, Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Ask yourself, are you doing all your can to stay well, focused, and overcome life’s obstacles? If your mental health is proving a challenge lately, you can learn new ways to cope and gain control over your symptoms. May is the perfect time to take stock of your mental health and wellness, during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental illness is very common, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and 1 in 5 people experience some form of it over the course of their lifetime. It’s important to get treated by a doctor, because without good mental health, your ability to think, feel, and act will all be affected. People who have poor mental health also have less tolerance for stress and have a harder time relating to others.

Because mental health struggles can be isolating and those who face them can feel judged or stigmatized, it can be difficult for those who experience problems like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or trauma to seek the help they need to heal. But there is hope and you can get the treatment you need for a brighter tomorrow.

Ways You Can Practice Self-Care for Better Mental Health

Practicing good self-care is one way to prioritize your mental wellbeing. Self-care is the practice of pampering your own mental, physical, or emotional health. Just about anything can be self-care if it promotes those things, from scheduling regular doctor’s checkups that you need to making time for your hobbies or taking a long, hot bath.

When you practice self-care, you can ease any feelings of anxiety or depression, which are two of the most common symptoms of mental illness. Some of the best ways to engage in self-care include engaging in regular physical activity, eating a healthy diet, and participating in activities that bring you joy. All of these activities can stave off feelings of loneliness, isolation, and sadness.

Do You Need Mental Health Help? Reach Out to Your Doctor.

If you can’t shake your feelings of unease, another idea is to take a mental health screening tool, as there are many free screening tools available online to get a general picture of where you stand and what the next steps may be. Your primary care doctor can also point you in the right direction and provide you with a referral to see a mental health specialist such as a psychotherapist for talk therapy or a psychiatrist of prescription medication.

Florida Health Care Plans Offers Mental Health & Wellness Help

At FHCP, we promote better mental health and the ending the stigma. That’s why we serve our community by offering FHCP Members with many mental health benefits including, access to specialists in Flagler, Volusia, Seminole, Brevard, and St. Johns Counties, as well as telehealth visits through Doctor on Demand. Visit our website to learn more or to find Providers

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