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Where to Go When

Where to Go When

We’ve all had those moments, head hurts, nose dripping, and a feeling in our chest that can only be described as a piping hot furnace. Or perhaps it’s the weekend and we hear those dreaded words from our son or daughter, “I don’t feel good.” We take temperatures, take some medication and we just aren’t feeling any better. What if we or someone we love suddenly suffers a minor or major injury? Where do you go? Florida Health Care Plans will help you determine if a primary care physician, extended hours care center, telemedicine doctor, or emergency room is right for you. This will help you save time, money, and receive the right treatment according to your specific situation.

We should all be visiting our primary care physicians (PCP) at least annually for routine checkups, especially when we have such great insurance like Florida Health Care Plans, but annual checkups shouldn’t be the only reason we visit our PCP. Your PCP is there to evaluate and monitor your health and prevent any major foreseeable problems. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that “regular exams and tests can help find problems before they start” (CDC, 2017). You should be visiting your PCP regularly if you suffer from any chronic conditions such as hypertension/high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Acute conditions like headaches, urinary tract infections, minor injuries, or lower back pain are also good reasons to visit your PCP during their business hours. One of the benefits of visiting a PCP is that they are familiar with your medical history and able to determine if your current situation is connected to anything you have been previously diagnosed with. Some other benefits include low cost for most plans and an established relationship with your physician and clinical staff.

But what if your primary care physician’s office is closed and you have a situation that needs a physician’s attention? At our Extended Hours Care Centers, you can be seen by a physician for acute minor trauma, cough, cold or flu, sprains, immunizations, urinary tract/bladder infections, and much more. We also provide x-rays for those “oh no moments” we don’t expect to happen but do. We have multiple locations in Volusia, Flagler, Brevard, and Seminole counties and provide same-day appointments with shorter wait times. This allows you to significantly save money and time while getting the treatment you or your loved one needs. And if your local FHCP Extended Hours Care Center is closed, you can visit the nearest FHCP participating Urgent Care Center.

It’s now the middle of the night and your child stands at the side of your bed and with one big cough wakes you from your deep sleep. With their hands around their throat, tear in their eye, and with a raspy voice, they tell you that they don’t feel good. You take their temperature and find that they have a fever of 101 and of course your first reaction is to jump in the car and run to the emergency room. Well, why not, after all, that is your baby. Florida Health Care Plans offers a telemedicine option that can help. With the ability to download an app you can visit a doctor or nurse at any time of day or night. Some reasons to dial into a telemedicine doctor or nurse include cough, cold or flu, bronchitis, upset stomach, rash, and more. With low copays, 24/7 visits, board-certified physicians, and licensed psychologists, having the app on your smartphone or device is just a good idea. All of this on top of saving you money and time.

Then we come to the dreaded emergency room or ER. With all those options, the question running through your head just about now is, then when do I go to the ER. Well, simply put, for everything else or as a last resort. With high out-of-pocket costs and long wait lines, a PCP, EHCC, or a telemedicine visit should always be considered before going to an ER.

Your health and the health of your family are always a priority for you and Florida Health Care Plans is here to help. By providing you with excellent primary care physicians, great extended hours care centers, and giving you the telehealth option of seeing a doctor or nurse, FHCP provides you options that will not only keep you healthy but also save you time and money. For more information on where to go when please click here.

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