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Five Tips to Start Getting a Better Night's Sleep Starting Tonight

Five Tips to Start Getting a Better Night's Sleep Starting Tonight

Sleep is a key ingredient to good health for people of all ages, and it’s something we need to recharge every day. It’s a struggle to stay productive when you are lacking sleep, so it is important to follow these tips to get the rest you need.

1. Eliminate distractions in your bedroom that interfere with sleep.

Your bedroom should be relatively cool (60-67 degrees) and quiet so that you can get a good night’s sleep. It should also be dark so that you are not disturbed by any light. Buy blackout curtains or eye shades if the room is too light for you to get settled down easily.

2. Choose a regular bedtime and stick to it.

While it’s tempting to stay up later on weekends and delay getting out of bed because you don’t have work or school, changing your routine will not help your body’s clock to stay in sync. A better choice is to keep the same routine seven days a week.

3. Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillows.

If your mattress is over 10 years old, it may be past its prime and need to be replaced. Your pillows should also be comfortable. Consider hypoallergenic materials in your bedding if you are sensitive, since you may find it difficult to get settled down for the night if your pillowcases, sheets, blankets, or comforter are irritating in any way.

4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and eating heavy meals in the evening.

All of these things can disrupt your sleep. Eating a heavy meal at night can lead to indigestion that can make it difficult to get to sleep. Finish your last meal at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

5. Give yourself time to wind down at night before bed.

Have a specific bedtime routine that will allow you to switch gears before bed. Read, listen to music, or watch television to give yourself time to relax before you shut off the light.

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