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Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is the key resource for all your health care needs; giving you peace of mind that you have a partner to help you in managing your health. The relationship you develop with your PCP (and their staff) provides you the assurance that your doctor knows you and is aware of your personal health care needs. Getting to know your doctor builds trust and confidence, especially when you need it most.

Click here to log into your Member Portal Account and choose your Primary Care Physician.

Primary Care Providers help you to manage your care through:

  • Annual wellness visits
  • Early detection of health issues and preventative care
  • Support with chronic disease management
  • Referrals to other medical specialists
  • Avoiding unnecessary hospital and ER visits
  • Managing your medication(s)

To choose your Primary Care Provider (PCP), make a selection through your Member Portal Account, or call the Member Services Department for assistance at 1-877-615-4022.

*Some PCPs also offer Virtual Office Visits. Call your PCP for more information.

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