Triple Option Rider

  • Control your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Fixed co-pays for in-network office visits
  • Over 400,000 physicians nationally at the Option 2 level

Triple Option coverage is designed to compliment Florida Health Care’s HMO Plans. With the Triple Option Rider, you have complete control of your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. The amount you pay is determined by your choice of provider. You may choose to receive care from any provider in Florida Health Care’s HMO Participating Provider Network (Option 1). You may also self-refer to any physician listed as a Florida Health Care Option 2 physician which includes over 400,000 physicians locally and nationally. At this level you will be responsible for co-pays or a deductible and co-insurance. Triple Option also gives you the freedom to receive care from a non-participating physician, facility, or hospital (Option 3).

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