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Why This Doctor Would Not Take the Flu Shot!

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  • Written By: J. Carol Grigg
Why This Doctor Would Not Take the Flu Shot!

At age 16, I clearly remember catching the flu, being bed-bound for 10 days, with fevers of 104+ and shaking chills, and wanting to die, due to the pain. There was no “flu shot” to prevent the flu at that time.

During Medical School, Residency, and Practice in many busy emergency departments, over the following years, I never once again got the flu, so I felt that I did not need the vaccine. Twenty years later, the government and medical community pushed upon us physicians the need to ALL be vaccinated. Eventually, I relented, and GUESS WHAT? I became deathly ill, with high fevers, pain, and had to miss work, which I NEVER DID. “Oh”, they said, “you must have been coming down with it, prior to the shot.” So several years later, when hospitals began requiring ALL employees and physicians to be vaccinated, I relented, and GUESS WHAT? I came down with the flu-like symptoms all over again……….” stupid me” I said to myself. NEVER AGAIN.

Three years ago, when a close family member developed chronic medical conditions making any flu exposure a life-threatening event, I knew that I could not expose this individual to any “bug” which might cause death, so I discussed my dilemma with an infectious disease expert and found out many VERY INTERESTING things:

  1. First, the vaccine used today is no longer made up of live viruses.
  2. Secondly, all vaccines used by FHCP, are single vial use, meaning that no bottle is being used for more than one person.
  3. Finally, FHCP has purposely chosen to use vaccines with NO PRESERVATIVES and NO ADJUVANTS (substances made to cause the body to respond both faster and more aggressively in building up immunity).

Upon recommendation by my colleague, and with great trepidation, I took the flu shot 3 years ago (NO REACTION), and each year since, and will be first in line this year to do the same. I hope for you, and for others who are close to you, that you will consider doing the same.

(All FHCP members may go to any of our facilities without an appointment for a “flu shot”)

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