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Childhood Immunizations: Why Get Your Child Immunized?

Childhood Immunizations: Why Get Your Child Immunized?

One of the most important ways you can keep your children safe is to get them immunized. Immunizations, also known as vaccines, are your child's best defense against disease.

Vaccines aren't just good for your child. They also help keep everyone in your family and community from getting sick. Before vaccines, people would become ill and in some cases, die from diseases like polio and measles. Vaccines changed all that. It's easy to forget how bad those diseases were because now we don't see people becoming ill or dying from them every day. However, these diseases still exist, so it's still very important to get your child immunized.

Vaccines work by alerting the body's defenses, or immune system. They get the body ready to fight the disease if your child is exposed to it later on in life. Your child will need to get a lot of vaccines early in life. Some of these vaccines are only given once, while others are given in a few doses over time.

Following the vaccine schedule is really important to make sure your child is fully protected. Talk with your doctor about which vaccines your child needs.

Some parents have concerns about the safety of vaccines. False claims in the news have led these parents to believe that vaccines can cause autism. However, study after study has shown there is no link between the two. Some parents also worry about their child getting lots of different vaccines at the same time. These combination vaccines are as safe and effective as giving one vaccine at a time. It also means fewer needle sticks for your child.

Vaccines are safe and have very few risks. Remember, the real risk is if your child doesn't get vaccinated. Please do your part to protect your child. Follow the vaccine schedule and have your child immunized. You'll be doing everything you can to keep your child healthy and safe and you'll feel good knowing that you're also protecting your family and your community.

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