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Three Ways to Get Up and Move Right Now

ExercisingYou don’t have to spend hours at the gym to start living a healthier lifestyle. In a matter of minutes a day, you might be able to build muscle and improve your heart rate – even when you’re at work!

Here are three ways to get up and move right now:

Take a short walk.

A study published in the Diabetes Care journal showed that taking a break to walk every 20 minutes, instead of sitting in your office chair may help your body maintain balanced levels of glucose and insulin after you eat. Just a two-minute walk around the room is far better for your body than sitting for hours on end. Set a timer to focus on work for a set number of minutes, and then get some regular activity.

Do a set of jumping jacks.

If you’re ready for a bigger aerobic challenge, you can try out jumping jacks during your breaks. Doing them for at least 15 minutes is a good way to give your heart a workout without spending a whole lot of time. They can be a bit tough on your knees, so make sure you stretch out a bit before you start your set. Aim for 10 to 15 in a row with short breaks in between.

Build muscle tone in minutes.

Want to do some strength training? It’s easy – even without a weight set. Build your upper body strength by doing 20 pushups, if you can, and then using a small set of weights for 10 to 15 bicep curls per arm. If you don’t have any weights handy – a soup can will do!

No matter where you are, you can try to get up and get moving with these simple exercises. Give them a try, and speak with your doctor about other easy ways to get up and get moving!