Skin Cancer Awareness: How to Keep Your Skin Safe

Help and support signpostSkin cancer will affect one in five Americans throughout the course of their lifetimes, and 800,000 have a history of melanoma. Skin cancers, including melanoma, can affect people young and old…but it also is, in some cases, preventable.

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Making Sure Your Nail Salon is Safe & Clean

Healthy Life SignThink that going to a nail salon is no big deal? Think again!

If a nail salon doesn’t keep high standards for its environment, then your likelihood of catching an infection can be really high as well. Nail salons are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, fungus and other nasty specimens that can ruin your day. Footbaths, manicure tools and other equipment can easily transmit other people’s problems to your feet and hands.

Although it’s impossible to tell how common nail salon infections can be, you should always err on the side of safety. You need to be sure your salon is safe and clean before you allow them to polish your nails.

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The Wonders of Water!

Glass of waterWater is wonderful! This is especially important to remember during these hot days. Hydrating your body with enough water now and throughout the year has some amazing benefits. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how wonderful water can be.

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Top Tips for Sunburn Remedies

SunburnNo matter how well you may try to plan against them, sunburns happen to all of us at some time.

When the summer sun is too much for your skin, here are some top remedies for getting the relief you need:

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