Five Ways To Keep Your Mind Active for Seniors

Senior Couple Standing On Beach Taking SelfieAs a senior citizen, your physical health is important, but so is your mental health. If you feel your mind isn’t quite what it used to be, it might be time to give your brain a workout.

Keeping your mind active can improve your memory, increase your focus and give you an all-around feeling of well-being. Additionally, keeping mentally active can keep your physical health in check: a well-exercised mind can lower blood pressure and keep stress levels low, which in turn reduces stress on your heart.

With all the benefits that mental health and activity offer, there’s no reason not to flex your mental muscles. While your doctor or health care professional can help you tailor a routine to meet your specific needs, here’s some things you can do to get started on your own:

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Caregiving for Your Loved Ones: Challenges, Insights & Hope

Extended family in living roomMore than ever, families everywhere are dealing with multi-generational caregiving all under one roof – and with all the challenges, issues and pleasures this entails.

Multi-generational households used to be the norm during the Great Depression. Today, families all across the country are dealing with childcare, caregiving for an elderly parent and all of the other aspects of running a successful household all within the same home.

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 18% of Americans (or 57 million) live in a household with at least two adult generations. Their research also revealed that there has been a steady increase of mutigenerational households in the past decade, and at least one-in-four adult children expect that they will need to share a home with a parent at some point.

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Stretch & Get Flexible: Three Benefits from Starting Right Now

Group of mature older people stretching and warming up before exercise

Stretching may seem simple, in fact, so simple that people entirely forget to do it.

But whether you’re a marathon runner or a Netflix marathoner, stretching can do you a world of good. The problem is that there is a lot of misinformation out there about stretching, so much so that some people forget it.

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Three Tips for Seniors Starting a New Fitness Program

Mature AdultsSeniors who stay (or get) active reduce their risk for multiple health problems and have an improved quality of life as well.

“If You Keep Moving…You’ll Keep Improving.” Whether you’re an active senior who wants to try something new, or you’re ready to finally give up your couch potato habits for your grandchildren, here’s how to start a fitness program safely that will keep you active:

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The Benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga For Adults and Seniors

Tai chi classLooking for a way to workout and beat stress at the same time? Both Tai Chi and Yoga are low-impact, high-benefit exercise forms that are perfect for adults and seniors alike. They help you focus on coordinating your body and mind for a workout that is proven to improve physical fitness and mental balance – which are goals that should be part of anybody’s healthy aging plan.

Practicing these relaxation techniques can help you find a deep state of calmness that reduces the impact of stress. When you practice one or both regularly, you’ll very possibly see a boost in your mood, energy levels and focus.

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Assisted Living: How to Choose What’s Best For You & Your Loved Ones

Assisted LivingAssisted Living facilities are designed to help the elderly who are relatively healthy but need some help with their normal daily activities.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty with showering, getting dressed, getting to and from the house, then assisted living may be the right choice. These facilities offer the daily support while also fostering independence for residents.

Making the choice to either go into assisted living or encourage a loved one to do so is never easy. However, by planning ahead, having honest conversations about expectations and doing research, you can make the right decision for you personally or for someone that you care about.

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Understanding Healthcare Directives & POA for Seniors

3 women smilingAlthough it might be unpleasant to think about, making plans for end-of-life care is important to do long before you need it.

Healthcare directives and power of attorney agreements can help empower your family or close friends to act on your behalf if you’re unable to make those decisions.

Advance healthcare directives are arrangements that will serve as a statement of your wishes about your medical care.

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Slip & Fall Safety, Prevention and Precaution

Help and support signpostSlip and fall injuries are all-too-common. In fact, they are the second-leading cause of accidental death in the home. The risk of this type of accident increases with age, and it is a serious problem in homes and in communities. While the elderly and the more physically frail among us are highly susceptible to falls, the truth is that anyone can slip and fall at home or just about anywhere else.

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