Ditch The Salt Without Ditching The Taste

Positive family preparing lunch togetherCooking is as much of an art as it is a science, but when your doctor’s telling you that it’s time to reduce your sodium intake, it can be tricky to keep the magic in the kitchen.

The good news is that there are lots of alternatives to salt and salty flavorings, if you’re willing to experiment a little. You’ll be surprised at the depths and layers of flavors you can add to your mom’s old recipes with a little improvisation.

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3 Power Foods For A Power Workout

Group ExercisingSpending an hour sweating at the gym is great for your heart, lungs and muscles, but to power this sort of explosive activity you’re going to need to add some healthy fuel. You could grab the nearest Gatorade and a granola bar, but there are much better choices available to the average gym denizen.

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Proven Tips For Reading Nutrition Labels

Healthy Life SignAmericans are increasingly more health-conscious, insisting on healthier foods in the grocery store and better reporting of product ingredients.

But even as we’re demanding changes to our food supply, many among us still struggle with understanding exactly what’s in each and every package on the store shelves. This is where carefully reading nutrition labels can make a huge difference.

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3 Easy Ways To Make Healthy Eating Fun For Kids

Healthy ShoppingAlong with being nice to their siblings, one of the most important things small children need to learn is how to make healthy food choices. Navigating the food scene can be tricky for parents, but when your kids actually want to eat their broccoli, you can focus on more important battles, like getting them to clean up their bedrooms.

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Get Back on Track with Your Health and Wellness Plan

Healthy ShoppingCongratulations! You’ve survived another holiday season with all its chaos, cookies and candy canes. Did you stress yourself out this year? Did you catch the cold or flu bug that is floating around? Did you eat way too much fudge – again?

It’s easy to get off track with your health and wellness during the long – and temptation filled – holiday season. With plenty of sugar to go around, late nights with friends and family and way too much to do, it’s no wonder that your jogging habit or drawer full of leafy green vegetables have gone by the wayside.

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Tips for Eating Healthy Even While You’re on the Go

Healthy LunchWhile we all dream of having home-cooked, healthy meals and being able to cook them amazingly, it’s just not possible all the time. Whether you’re frequently finding yourself picking up drive-thru or just eating on the run in an emergency, here are some strategies that you can use to cut calories, improve nutrition and feel better.

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Save a Latte Money – Make Your Own Healthy Pumpkin Lattes

decorative mini pumpkins on wooden backgroundWhen the fall season comes around, it seems like everywhere you look you’ll find something pumpkin-flavored to buy. If the drive-thru of your favorite coffee shop is tempting you with its orange and spicy treats, you can do your wallet and your waistline a favor and make your own at home!

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Headed To The Farmers’ Market, Keep These Tips In Mind!

Healthy  FoodsIt’s a time when you can find the freshest produce available, since it is locally grown. If supporting growers in your area is important to you, make a point of buying from these small business owners often while their stalls are open. Since you are buying directly from the farmer, you’ll likely be able to get your produce at better prices than you will be able to find at the supermarket – a bonus for price-conscious consumers.

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How Many Fruits and Vegetables Should You Eat Each Day?

Grilled vegetableHow many fruits and vegetables should I eat each day? That’s a great question – and the answer depends on who you are, how old you are and how much you weigh. Recommended daily amounts can range from 1 cup of fruits and 1 cup of vegetables for 2-3 year olds to 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables for grown men.

But let’s keep it simple! If you fill up half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal, you’ll be well on your way to getting benefits from your diet.

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More Matters Month: Let’s Talk Fruits & Veggies!

Fruits and VegetablesWhile it used to be that “5 A Day” was enough for fruits and vegetables according to government standards, now the CDC is encouraging people to eat “more” of it all. The “Fruits and Veggies – More Matters” campaign is a reminder that adults and kids need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients that they need.

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