Key Tips For Evaluating Diet Drugs

Help and support signpostIf you have ever been on a diet, you know that it’s frustrating we can gain weight much more quickly than we lose it.

When we see ads for diet drugs in magazines or online, it can be difficult to resist the idea that taking a pill will help get rid of pounds effortlessly, especially if the ad states that we can eat whatever we want and still lose weight. It sounds like a really good way to solve the problem, and with little to no effort required on our part.

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Playing Nicely: Making Sure Your Prescription Medications Interact Well With Everything Else

Prescription Pill BottlesMore than ever, patients must be smart about the medicines they take, including the potential for interaction with other prescription drugs, food and drink, as well as dietary supplements.

If you are on more than one medication or have to see more than one doctor, it’s important that everyone on your healthcare team is aware of all the prescriptions you are taking. Keeping them informed can go a long way in helping you avoid potential drug interactions.

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