Real Men Get Health Screenings

Doctor Smiling To CameraWhen it comes to your health — and the health of your male loved ones, including sons, brothers, fathers, uncles and grandfathers – being the “strong, silent type” is never the best way to go. This Men’s Health Month (held in June each year since 1994, with this year’s Men’s Health Week June 15-21), why not take a look at where you are and what more you can do to protect your good health?

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Decrypting Men’s Health This Men’s Health Month

Group of MenMen’s Health Month is a time during which we want to heighten awareness of preventable health problems that affect men.

With so many things that you have to look after, it can be easy to put health matters on the back burner. Many men have been taught from the time they were very young that the best thing to do when something hurts or is bothering them to “suck it up” and keep going, that it’s not manly to give in to emotions. When it comes to health, however, issues that are ignored tend to manifest in other ways and can and do turn into bigger problems.

This June, let’s make men’s health a priority. The benefits will be a longer, healthier life and better quality of life.

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Men: Let’s Get Healthy…& Stay That Way

 couple having funMen’s Health Month is a time to focus on your health and make important changes that will help you live a long, healthy life. There are several unique challenges that men deal with that can impact their health. On average, men die six years earlier than women and they are more likely to die from heart disease and cancer, the top causes of death. In addition, men are 70% less likely to visit a doctor than women.

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Helping the Man in Your Life Get & Stay Healthy

Men's Health MonthDid you know that men are more at risk for the top two causes of death – heart disease and cancer? And on average men die five years earlier than women? The men in your life need to take care of their health – and during June you can celebrate Men’s Health Month by prompting them to do just that.

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What Should You Know about Specific Men’s Health Challenges


Couple on CouchThere are several unique challenges that men deal with when it comes to health – and all of them combine to result in an earlier mortality rate for men. Men die almost five years earlier than women on average, and are more likely to die from the top causes of death – heart disease and cancer.

What’s so disturbing about this statistic is that many diseases like colon cancer can be preventable with early detection, but many men are not getting the screenings that they need. Men are 70% less likely to visit a doctor than women, and minority men face even further health challenges.

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