The Science Behind Immunizations

dr-and-patientsIt’s a tough job to be a new parent to begin with, but when you add in the confusion over vaccines it can be even more difficult. As actress Amanda Peet shares, when she and her husband were preparing for the arrival their first baby, they started getting warnings from their friends about vaccine and vaccine dangers.

“We had never thought about not vaccinating, but when we went online to educate ourselves on vaccines, we found website after website warning us about their dangers. We took the time to speak with several doctors about our concerns and they recommended that we explore several reputable websites,” she shared in an exclusive article, “What became clear to us after all of our research was that scientists around the world clearly refuted any connection between vaccines and autism and other disorders.”

Peet’s struggle is the same that many parents face as they get closer to the birth of their babies. Getting children vaccinated on time, with all of the proper vaccines, has become a large topic of debate. Thanks to a handful of celebrities that claim that there are “too many” vaccines “too soon” many parents are questioning something that has been an important milestone in modern medicine – and as our development as a species.

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