Chocolate: A Brief History + Possible Heart-Health Benefits

HeartThroughout chocolate’s history, it has been believed to possess mysterious properties, from the ability to act as an aphrodisiac and enhance moods to allowing humans to connect directly to their gods.

The bitter drink of ancient Mesoamerica became a European import in the early 1500s, along with sugar. With the massive popularity of chocolate, it’s amazing that it took Richard Cadbury until 1861 to invent and commercialize “eating chocolates.” These were the first mass-produced chocolate candies, packed neatly inside heart-shaped boxes embellished with popular Valentine’s Day iconography.

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Creative Ways to Use Recycled Goods in Décor

Five colorful ornaments on Christmas background

Did you know that we’re in the “trash” season – as well as the holiday season? According to the EPA, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day the average amount of household trash increases by 25 percent! All of this extra trash during the holidays can add up to one million tons of waste per week.

The holidays should be a time for friends, family and happiness – but taking steps to stay eco-friendly is important, too. You don’t have to buy new decorations or wrapping this year. By using recycled materials in your holiday décor you’ll save money, break out of the cycle of buying too much and reduce the waste we all create at the end of the year.

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Ready To Get Rid Of That ‘Holiday 15’ Weight Once And For All?

Holiday CandyThe Holiday Season is a culinary minefield for people who are trying to make smart food choices.

With goodies being offered at every turn, it’s easy to see why so many of us pack on the pounds at this time of year.  Now that the New Year has started, it’s time to get back into a regular routine and make some resolutions to get back on track.

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Let’s Talk About New Year’s Resolutions

New YearHave you decided that you are going to put yourself first and take better care of your health?

Good for you!

Many people start the New Year with good intentions and the desire to make positive changes in their lives. Along with losing weight and going to the gym more often, here are some resolutions that you may want to consider to improve your health in the New Year:

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Make It A Happy…And Safe… New Year!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year'sNew Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. If you want to make sure your future is bright, follow these steps to stay safe and enter the New Year on the right foot.

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The DASH Diet & Your Holiday Blood Pressure

blood pressureDuring the holidays it can be hard for anyone to eat healthy, but especially challenging if you are following a low sodium DASH diet.

By adopting a DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), you may be able to help treat or prevent high blood pressure and may be able to reduce your blood pressure by a few points in a matter of weeks.

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Healthy, Fun Christmas Treats for You and Your Family

Holiday Foods and DecorationsChristmas is a time when good food and good times go hand-in-hand…there is no shortage of goodies to try.

You don’t have to abandon eating well simply because the Holiday Season is here. With a bit of creativity, you and your family can have some healthy, fun Christmas treats and save room for cookies and other festive fare, too.

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Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe This Holiday Season

Funny Boston Terrier puppy dressed up for Christmas and tangled up in ribbon.You love your dogs and/or cats – so you want to make sure that they are safe during the holidays. There are a lot of hazards for your furry friends. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the most common risks, you can protect your cat or dog and avoid a holiday disaster.

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Fun & Safe Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday Decoration SafetyThe holiday season brings plenty of opportunities to decorate your home, but not all of the options are safe. In fact, annually, hospital emergency rooms treat 12,800 people for incidents involving holiday decorations and improperly used products. Falls, cuts, shocks and bruises are all the result of problems with holiday decorations.

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Eight Tips to Make This Year’s Thanksgiving Your Healthiest Yet

Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving is traditionally a time of rich food and lots of it. The feast can be the start of the holiday weight gain that many people can experience this time of year. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s possible to make Thanksgiving healthy and avoid the post-meal regret. Use these eight tips to create a healthier feast this year:

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