Getting Your Budget in Order

Time to put that credit card away and start spending wiser! The new year is a perfect time to get your budget in order and finish out 2016 strong. If you had some less than wise spending habits throughout the holiday season and last year, here’s exactly what you need to do:

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It’s That Time of the Year: Getting Your Finances in Order

In TimeNow that you’ve recovered from holiday spending, how does your bank account look? If it’s making you a little weak in the knees, now is the time to get things in order. At the start of this financial year, here are three steps you can take now to make tax time and your budget a bit easier:

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Start 2016 with This 52-Week Savings Challenge

Would you like to start 2017 on a stronger financial footing?

It can start with something as easy as saving $1 per week! The concept is simple – each week of the year you save a dollar amount equal to that week. So during the first week of the year, you save $1, then $2 and so forth. By the end of the year, you should have $1378 saved up. Not a fortune in the grand scheme of things, but definitely plenty to start a savings account, offset holiday spending and more!

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Gambling Awareness Month and “Freemium” Gaming

Mobile DeviceMarch is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and a good time to remember that this issue is not confined to casinos or people playing the lottery.

A gambling problem can start in the most benign manner, and even people who enjoy free-to-play games may find themselves drawn into spending money when they weren’t planning on doing so to start.

Even people who play the “free” games and are determined not to part with any cash can end up spending money, and it’s not entirely their fault. The games are developed in a manner to take advantage of the way the player’s mind works. They know exactly how to set up scenarios where it is more likely to get someone to say “YES!” to reaching for their wallet.

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Top 5 Ways to Start the Year Off Right

Healthy LifeAs soon as the clock struck midnight on December 31, we all got a special chance to start over and leave the past year in our dust. This is also a great time for goal-setting to help control common stressors related to your finances, your health, your relationships, your children or even your job.

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Protect Your Personal Information During Online Purchase Transactions

part three of a four-part series

Concept of online shopping with keyboard and credit cardMany Internet users have turned to shopping and buying online, even though they have concerns about the security of their credit card information and the safety of their personal details. Online purchases are here to stay, and while security of your financial information continues to advance, there are still dangers of which to be aware.

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Data Brokers Sell Your Personal Online Information

part one of a four-part series
child on internet

Would you walk up to a stranger on the street and give him or her your name, date of birth, home address, number of children, likes, dislikes and other personal information?

Probably not, but every time you use the Internet, that information is collected and stored in a database. Your personal data is made available for sale to marketing companies, direct Internet sales, and anyone else who wants to target you as a potential customer…or victim of fraud.

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Making Tax Time More Organized and Less Stressful

TaxesTax time can be stressful as you try to find receipts and get all your documents in a row, so to speak. Thankfully, you no longer have to rely on keeping them in a shoebox and trying to sort them out when you want to complete your return. There are some great options available to taxpayers that can help us get organized and keep stress levels down.

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Top Tips for Avoiding Internet Scams

Password thief (phishing)The Internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities to interact with people from all over the world. Unfortunately, the online world has also opened the door for a number of scams and scam artists to try to take advantage of honest people. To avoid becoming a victim, you’ll want to be on the lookout for danger signs.

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