Managing the Post-Holiday Blues

Heart HealthDid you get swept up in the holiday spirit?

The last few months of the year are full of activity – from decorating to shopping to attending holiday parties. It can seem like every day is filled with something new to do, see, and taste. But after weeks of this frantic, exciting pace everything just grinds to a halt. The used wrapping paper is thrown away. Adults reach for the antacid (and vow to lose weight) after so much rich food. Children are busy playing with their new toys.

But just like all of the trappings that go when the holiday goes away, so does the holiday mood.

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Caregiving for Your Loved Ones: Challenges, Insights & Hope

Extended family in living roomMore than ever, families everywhere are dealing with multi-generational caregiving all under one roof – and with all the challenges, issues and pleasures this entails.

Multi-generational households used to be the norm during the Great Depression. Today, families all across the country are dealing with childcare, caregiving for an elderly parent and all of the other aspects of running a successful household all within the same home.

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 18% of Americans (or 57 million) live in a household with at least two adult generations. Their research also revealed that there has been a steady increase of mutigenerational households in the past decade, and at least one-in-four adult children expect that they will need to share a home with a parent at some point.

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How Pets Help Health

beach dogIf you love spending time with your furry friends, you’re not alone. Approximately 47% of all households have at least one dog, and 37% have at least one cat.

Spending time with a dog, cat or other pet can have a positive and lasting effect on your mood and your overall health. Considering the major impact that stress can have on your body, mind and lifestyle, it’s important to keep as many stress relievers around as possible. Pets can be a meaningful relationship that can have a positive impact on life.

“We found that pet owners, on average, were better off than non-owners, especially when they have a higher-quality relationship with their pets,” said pet researcher Allen R. McConnell PhD for WebMD. He did note that what constitutes a meaningful relationship will differ depending on the pet and the owner. From sharing physical activities together to just spending time on the couch petting your pet, developing a positive relationship can have a number of health benefits you may not have ever thought of.

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Dealing With A Loss? Here’s Some Help

CaregiverCoping with the loss of someone we care for is one of the most difficult things we will ever have to do in life.

Many people believe that North American society doesn’t do a very good job of allowing us to talk about our grief, and advice such as “keep a stiff upper lip” is quite common in such circumstances.

Here are some suggestions to help you cope with the loss of a loved one, friend, or coworker. (They can also help you understand and provide support for someone you know who has suffered a loss.)

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Let’s Stop Stress in its Tracks

Reduce StressEach of us has multiple – and often conflicting – demands on our time, with the responsibilities of work and home pulling our attention in more than one direction, on a daily basis. It seems as though no matter what we do, stress is an inevitable part of modern life. The more we try to outrun it, the more it gains on us.

Anytime is an excellent time to take stock, take a breath and look for ways to reduce our stress levels in ways that are reasonable and sustainable over time.

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Gambling Awareness Month and “Freemium” Gaming

Mobile DeviceMarch is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and a good time to remember that this issue is not confined to casinos or people playing the lottery.

A gambling problem can start in the most benign manner, and even people who enjoy free-to-play games may find themselves drawn into spending money when they weren’t planning on doing so to start.

Even people who play the “free” games and are determined not to part with any cash can end up spending money, and it’s not entirely their fault. The games are developed in a manner to take advantage of the way the player’s mind works. They know exactly how to set up scenarios where it is more likely to get someone to say “YES!” to reaching for their wallet.

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Top 5 Ways to Start the Year Off Right

Healthy LifeAs soon as the clock struck midnight on December 31, we all got a special chance to start over and leave the past year in our dust. This is also a great time for goal-setting to help control common stressors related to your finances, your health, your relationships, your children or even your job.

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A New Year, A New Outlook

Extended family in living roomAs 2015 spreads out in front of us, what type of outlook will you adopt for the year ahead? Instead of trying to push through 2015 and make things happen, what if you adopted a gentler approach to life this year and see if it makes a difference in your quality of life?

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Giving The Gift Of Charity This Season

donationsIf you are looking for a way to change up the traditional way you exchange gifts with your family and friends this Christmas, consider giving the gift of charity instead. There are many causes that can use your help, and this is a perfect time of year to offer them support.

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Making Sure to Care for the Caregiver

CaregiverBetween working a full-time job, taking your kids to their after-school activities and caring for your elderly mother, there’s just not any time left for you to relax. Being a caregiver can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but without stopping and taking some time for yourself, you’ll experience caregiver burnout in no time. The truth is, it’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line when you’re caregiving, or even how to get help when you just need five minutes to yourself.

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