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Out of Pills? Need a Refill?

Call your neighborhood FHCP Pharmacy


1. Try to plan ahead! – Call the FHCP Pharmacy phone number on your prescription and if you have refills left, follow the prompts (Press 1), your medications will be available within 24 hours, if not sooner!

2. Need an Emergency Refill? – Call the FHCP Pharmacy phone number on your prescription and if you have refills left, follow the prompts to speak to a Pharmacist (Press 2), your medications will likely be available within an hour.

3. Out of Refills? – If you are out of refills when you call the telephone refill line, the FHCP Pharmacy will now automatically fax a renewal request for your medication to your Provider. Members do not have to call their Provider’s offices. If your Provider approves the medication renewal, your medication will be ready at your previously selected FHCP Pharmacy in about 3 days. If your Provider does not approve your medication renewal, you will need to contact your Provider for further assistance.

4. Are you taking Long Term medications? – FHCP can help you save time, money and take better care of yourself.  Read more below about our Home Delivery Mail Order Pharmacy.

5. Transfer your prescription to FHCP – Transferring your prescription to FHCP is easy. Simply supply us with your prescription number and the address of the pharmacy that filled your prescription. Look on your medicine bottle or medication packaging for this information. You may transfer your prescription by calling any FHCP pharmacy or our Mail Order service at 800-232-0216.



Use FHCP Home Delivery Mail Order Pharmacy:

More medicine, Less money

Are you a new member of Florida Health Care Plans?

1. Provide a list of your meds to FHCP Medication Transition Management (MTM) Pharmacist at enrollment.

2. FHCP’s MTM Pharmacist will review and make suggestions to your treating physician about formulary alternatives if advisable.

3. New members will be assisted with education about therapeutically approved formulary alternative meds if appropriate.

4. If a new member needs a one-time refill while the MTM process is under review, the FHCP Pharmacy will provide our new member a one-time refill to meet a new member’s needs.

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Services Department Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00am & 5:00pm at 386-615-4022 or 877-615-4022. Hearing impaired Only: TRS 711 or click here for a printable version of this information