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myFHCP – FHCP Member Mobile Solution

Florida Health Care Plans is now mobile!

myFHCPWe are excited to announce that our brand new mobile application “myFHCP” is now available free for Apple and Android Smartphone and Tablet devices.

At home or on the go you now have quick and easy access to your Florida Health Care Plan information wherever and whenever you need it. With intuitive navigation and a smart design, “myFHCP” brings the power of our plans to the palm of your hand.

Today staying connected using technology is something that is becoming more commonplace. Whether it is staying in touch with family or friends, your finances, or your health care staying connected empowers us to make better and more timely decisions about what matters most to us in our lives. Giving you the information you need about your FHCP Health Plan is important, so we have designed the “myFHCP” app to help you stay connected.

Use the Links Below to Download the Correct Version for Your Device

Itunes Storegoogle_play_icon

or simply search for myFHCP in the Itunes App Store or Google Play Marketplace.

“myFHCP” Mobile Version 2 is Here!

FHCP is pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of the “myFHCP” Mobile Application for Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablet devices.

This second release features Pinch & Zoom functionality when viewing the Insurance card or Summary of Benefit information. Also included in this release is the ability to search for Providers and Facilities near your location (for devices with GPS capability).

In addition filtering your (or your dependents) claims results by Medical or Pharmacy has been added. For Apple devices iOS7 is now supported. For Android devices support for 2.3 and better support of 4.3 has been included as well. These additions along with a host of functionality improvements continue to keep FHCP Members connected, informed, and empowered.

Learn more about “myFHCP” below!


With our first version of the “myFHCP” application, we are pleased to bring you great functionality and great features including:

myFHCP - myAccount


In “myAccount” your details are just a tap away!

Here you can easily review your personal details such as: Address, Phone Number, Enrolled Dependents, and registered email. From here you can also change your email and your password should you need to do so.



myFHCP - myBenefits


Spending amounts at a glance in “myBenefits”.

Here in “myBenefits” you will have access to view your Individual and family plan spending values such as “In Network Deductible Year -to-Date” and “In- Network Out-of-Pocket Year-to-Date” where applicable.

*Please note some Values may always remain at zero or not display due to your specific plan details.


myClaimsmyFHCP - myClaims

Viewing your claims is easy in “myClaims”!

By default a list of the logged in members recent Medical and Pharmacy claims is retrieved and ready to be viewed when you enter this screen. Scroll down the list, find the claim you want, and tap it to view its details – it is that easy!

Should you also have Dependents on your plan, you can choose to separately view their claims by choosing their name from the drop down list at the top of the screen.


Iphone-Provider-SearchFind a Provider

“Find a Provider” is a Simple, Powerful, and Convenient way to search!

Now you can search for a Provider or a Facility wherever you are, at home or on the run!

“Find a Provider” gives you access to a powerful search engine that will allow you to filter your search in many different ways to meet your needs and bring you the information you are looking for quickly. Once you find the Provider or Facility you are looking for, clicking the result will bring up that location in your device’s mapping application where you can quickly get access to information that will help you find your way there.

myFHCP - Member Card


Insurance Card

“Insurance Card” – Don’t leave home without it!

Ever needed your insurance card but didn’t have it with you?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the “myFHCP” app you always have your actual Insurance card with you wherever you are. Simply tap the “Insurance Card” quick navigation button at the bottom of the screen to view your card. On this screen you can also click “View Back” to see the back of your card and its details as well.


myFHCP - ContactContact us

Here when you need us!

In the “Contact Us” screen you will have access to many of the most commonly used FHCP phone numbers in an easy to use scrolling directory. Simply click on the number you wish to call and if your device has calling capability you will be given the option to dial that number.

*Please note the availability to speak to FHCP Staff may be limited to normal business hours


myFHCP - Nurse Advice LineNurse’s Line

Have health related questions?

Florida Health Care Plans provides its members access to the” Nurse Advice Line”. Tapping the “Nurse’s Line” button will give you access to a phone number you can call to speak with a Registered Nurse to get help with issues such as:

  • Needing help understanding a condition or symptom?
  • Wondering where to go for care – RIGHT NOW?

*The Nurse’s Line is available 7 days a week , 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.


myFHCPPharmacy Refill

On The Go, and Running Low On Your Prescribed Medications?

Refill your prescribed medications at the touch of a button!


Use the Links Below to Download the Correct Version for Your Device

Itunes Storegoogle_play_icon

Keep a look out for updates! The FHCP Mobile Team will continue to build and release great new features in the future to empower our Members and keep you connected to the information you need.

“myFHCP” makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it.

Click here for a printable version of the myFHCP privacy policy.