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Get Started On Your New Exercise Plan…Now!

Outdoors YogaSome people feel strongly that the most difficult part of exercising is getting started. Sure, we all know how good a regular exercise plan can be for all of us, but the question of where to begin can seem overwhelming at times.

Here are some “baby step” tips to keep in mind as you give your own exercise plan a fighting chance:

Stretch first. Stretch slowly and gently for ten minutes before any exercise session. This stretching will go a long way toward helping you warm up your muscles and prevent injuries.

Go easy on yourself. The idea here is to get started, not to conquer a marathon on Day 2. Don’t push or go beyond what is comfortable, especially as you are getting started and getting into a good habit. Doing too much, too soon or working out even if it hurts can each lead to injuries and a prompt end to your new regimen.

End gently. Cool down after your heaviest exercise is important, too. Stretch slowly and gently to help your body relax back into its pre-workout state.

Don’t forget to drink! Even minimal exercise makes your body need more water, so be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Of course, be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program, no matter what your current shape or health condition.