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Get Outside…Your Body Will Thank You

Did you know that just being outdoors is beneficial not only to your mental health, but to your physical health as well? According to research reported by the AARP, time spent in nature is one of the best ways to bust stress and live in the moment. 

A 2008 University of Michigan study showed that short interactions of one hour or so with nature positively influenced attention span and memory performance by 20 percent. A recent University of Kansas study showed much of the same:

People from all walks of life showed cognitive improvement, including a 50 percent boost in creativity, after living for a few days in nature “away from it all.”

Here are some great ways to drink in all that nature and the great outdoors have to offer:

  • Get dirty…in the garden
  • Walk your dog early and often…or consider getting one in the first place
  • Spend outside time with your children or grandchildren…make it a recurring “date”
  • Eat in the great outdoors – picnics, sandwiches by a body of water or a glass of ice tea on a nice park bench
  • Carve out regular time to just “be” in nature – no plans, no agenda, no obligations
  • Take time to stare at and take in the trees, the sky, the green grass, even if you are stuck in rush-hour traffic or rushing to and from errands