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Does Good Posture Translate To A Great Mood:

Maybe your mother was right… Did you know that maintaining proper posture is not only good for your comfort and overall physical health, but also on your mood throughout the day as well?

Standing straight and tall (and some might say proud, too!) is something we all could stand to do more of. When we do so, our physical posture, as well as our mental thoughts and feelings, change accordingly.

At first, practicing good posture takes work and lots of internal reminders – it’s a process. Even before you start thinking about new and maybe even complicated exercises, let’s go over the basics of good posture for both sitting and standing:

  • Keep your abdomen flat. Your lower back should only have a slight inward curve.
  • Stand with a straight spine, and make sure your body is vertically aligned from ankles to knees to hips to shoulders to ears.
  • If you’re sitting, sit with your back against the chair for support and keep both feet flat on the floor.
  • Whether sitting or standing, stay straight with your head up. Remember to not lower your chin or lead forward.