Fitness for Women on the Go

Exercising OutdoorsAre you struggling to make fitness a part of your life? It seems like we’re all busier than ever before, so it’s easy for many women to skip exercise. However, with proven benefits like lower stress and longer life spans, exercise is something you simply shouldn’t skip!

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Question MarkWhen an emergency like a flu outbreak or pandemic strikes, what do you do? Rather than struggling with the decision in the moment, here’s a quick guide to getting prepared and staying safe.

Vaccines, Infections, Hygiene: When an outbreak of a disease starts, there typically isn’t a vaccine available immediately. Although it now takes a lot less time to create a vaccine than it did years ago, it still could take days and certain individuals and groups (like children and the elderly) will be vaccinated first.

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The Benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga For Adults and Seniors

Tai chi classLooking for a way to workout and beat stress at the same time? Both Tai Chi and Yoga are low-impact, high-benefit exercise forms that are perfect for adults and seniors alike. They help you focus on coordinating your body and mind for a workout that is proven to improve physical fitness and mental balance – which are goals that should be part of anybody’s healthy aging plan.

Practicing these relaxation techniques can help you find a deep state of calmness that reduces the impact of stress. When you practice one or both regularly, you’ll very possibly see a boost in your mood, energy levels and focus.

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Assisted Living: How to Choose What’s Best For You & Your Loved Ones

Assisted LivingAssisted Living facilities are designed to help the elderly who are relatively healthy but need some help with their normal daily activities.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty with showering, getting dressed, getting to and from the house, then assisted living may be the right choice. These facilities offer the daily support while also fostering independence for residents.

Making the choice to either go into assisted living or encourage a loved one to do so is never easy. However, by planning ahead, having honest conversations about expectations and doing research, you can make the right decision for you personally or for someone that you care about.

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It’s Healthy School Lunch Time!

Healthy LunchOnce you’ve made the decision to serve healthier and more nutritious school lunches, stick with it!

Switching your way of eating is never easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you commit to making healthy school lunches and modeling good eating habits, you’ll help your children build a lifelong habit that will improve their health.

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Understanding Healthcare Directives & POA for Seniors

3 women smilingAlthough it might be unpleasant to think about, making plans for end-of-life care is important to do long before you need it.

Healthcare directives and power of attorney agreements can help empower your family or close friends to act on your behalf if you’re unable to make those decisions.

Advance healthcare directives are arrangements that will serve as a statement of your wishes about your medical care.

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Back-to-School School Bus Safety for All

Children standing outside school busBack to school means a lot of things to kids – the yearly trek to the office supply store for new backpacks and crayons, the excitement of meeting their new teacher and classmates, and the thrill of comparing summer adventures with their friends. But it also means using the old standby of school transportation – the school bus.

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Your Back-to-School Checklist

School supplies over blackboard backgroundAs we head into another school year full of learning and memories, there’s a lot that you have to do as a parent. From physicals to the requisite trip to the office supply store, here’s your essential back to school checklist.

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Bedtime Sounds – Good Noise vs. Bad Noise

Woman trying to sleepDo you have trouble going to sleep at night?

Your ears may to be blame or, rather, the noises your ears are hearing as you lead up to bedtime. Creating an ideal sleep environment is essential to falling asleep quickly and easily. While most people understand the basics of a good sleep environment (the right temperature, the right level of light, etc.) not many consider that the noises they are hearing can contribute to a good night’s sleep – or lack thereof.

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Get Immunized!

Healthy_LifeAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month.

It’s an opportunity for the general public to remember the importance of immunization from birth and throughout their life. Immunizations can prevent dangerous and often deadly diseases, as well as serious illnesses like the flu. Although immunizations are often associated with childhood, there are several types of immunizations that teens, adults and elders can benefit from as well.

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