Getting Your Budget in Order

Time to put that credit card away and start spending wiser! The new year is a perfect time to get your budget in order and finish out 2016 strong. If you had some less than wise spending habits throughout the holiday season and last year, here’s exactly what you need to do:

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Squeezing Your Exercise In No Matter What

StretchingThe sun is going down earlier and the days are shorter – that means there’s less time in the day to squeeze in exercise, especially if you usually do it outdoors.

But when it comes to staying fit and active, there really is no excuse! Although experts recommend at least 45 minutes to an hour a day of working out (or 30 minutes if you’re just starting out), there isn’t always that much time available.

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Wear Red on February 5 for Women’s Heart Health

Heart-in-handHeart disease is the leading killer of women in the U.S. It takes more lives every year than all forms of cancer combined. Many women don’t even realize they are at risk. They still think that heart disease is a “man’s disease.” Meanwhile, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, nieces, daughters, coworkers, neighbors and all the other important women in our lives need to know this important information.

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It’s That Time of the Year: Getting Your Finances in Order

In TimeNow that you’ve recovered from holiday spending, how does your bank account look? If it’s making you a little weak in the knees, now is the time to get things in order. At the start of this financial year, here are three steps you can take now to make tax time and your budget a bit easier:

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Get Back on Track with Your Health and Wellness Plan

Healthy ShoppingCongratulations! You’ve survived another holiday season with all its chaos, cookies and candy canes. Did you stress yourself out this year? Did you catch the cold or flu bug that is floating around? Did you eat way too much fudge – again?

It’s easy to get off track with your health and wellness during the long – and temptation filled – holiday season. With plenty of sugar to go around, late nights with friends and family and way too much to do, it’s no wonder that your jogging habit or drawer full of leafy green vegetables have gone by the wayside.

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Managing the Post-Holiday Blues

Heart HealthDid you get swept up in the holiday spirit?

The last few months of the year are full of activity – from decorating to shopping to attending holiday parties. It can seem like every day is filled with something new to do, see, and taste. But after weeks of this frantic, exciting pace everything just grinds to a halt. The used wrapping paper is thrown away. Adults reach for the antacid (and vow to lose weight) after so much rich food. Children are busy playing with their new toys.

But just like all of the trappings that go when the holiday goes away, so does the holiday mood.

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Turning Resolutions into Lifelong Habits

Group of Diverse People Holding Letters To Form A HAt the end of January, are you going to be one step closer to living the life that you want to live? Or, are you going to be regretting the resolutions that you made that just didn’t stick?

If you’re like most people, your resolutions are going to start to fade as winter fades into spring. While 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8% of them actually keep their resolutions. During the first two weeks of each new year, 75% of people who make resolutions are still sticking to them, but by February only 64% are.

But what if you could do things differently and make them stick? It’s possible. With a little bit of planning and commitment, you can turn your resolutions into lifelong habits.

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Green Thumb Tips for Protecting Your Foliage During a Florida Freeze

GardeningIt seems like summer was just yesterday and now it’s time to start thinking about the Florida winter.

As much as we were sweltering just a few months ago in the summer sun, it will get downright chilly come January and February. But while you can dig out a jacket or coat, your outdoor plants and foliage can’t. You’ll want to do some planning so that your garden isn’t dead when spring rolls around.

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