Time to Check – And Keep in Check – Your Cholesterol

Health EducationCholesterol is an important part of your health – but it needs to be present at the right levels.

That’s why it’s so important to check – and keep in check – your cholesterol. High blood cholesterol can point to an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. But by taking steps to get your cholesterol checked and working on habits that lower bad cholesterol, you may be able to keep things in check for years to come.

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FHCP Open Access Flu Shot Program

Open Access Flu Shot Program

If a Florida Health Care Plans Primary Care or WorkForce Wellness location is open then flu shots are available.

**Flu shots will not be administered at the Holly Hill FHCP location.


Call The Flu Shot Hotline 1-866-281-5812
Open Access Flu Shot Program

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Making Sure Your Nail Salon is Safe & Clean

Healthy Life SignThink that going to a nail salon is no big deal? Think again!

If a nail salon doesn’t keep high standards for its environment, then your likelihood of catching an infection can be really high as well. Nail salons are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, fungus and other nasty specimens that can ruin your day. Footbaths, manicure tools and other equipment can easily transmit other people’s problems to your feet and hands.

Although it’s impossible to tell how common nail salon infections can be, you should always err on the side of safety. You need to be sure your salon is safe and clean before you allow them to polish your nails.

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The Science Behind Immunizations

dr-and-patientsIt’s a tough job to be a new parent to begin with, but when you add in the confusion over vaccines it can be even more difficult. As actress Amanda Peet shares, when she and her husband were preparing for the arrival their first baby, they started getting warnings from their friends about vaccine and vaccine dangers.

“We had never thought about not vaccinating, but when we went online to educate ourselves on vaccines, we found website after website warning us about their dangers. We took the time to speak with several doctors about our concerns and they recommended that we explore several reputable websites,” she shared in an exclusive article, “What became clear to us after all of our research was that scientists around the world clearly refuted any connection between vaccines and autism and other disorders.”

Peet’s struggle is the same that many parents face as they get closer to the birth of their babies. Getting children vaccinated on time, with all of the proper vaccines, has become a large topic of debate. Thanks to a handful of celebrities that claim that there are “too many” vaccines “too soon” many parents are questioning something that has been an important milestone in modern medicine – and as our development as a species.

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Three Tips for Parents to Understand Changes in School Lunches

FruitsSchool lunches have long been a source of excitement or dread depending on the quality of the food.

But like most parents learn, schools face trouble balancing the need to feed children healthy quality food with the need to get kids to eat. Across the country, more than 32 million children receive subsidized school lunches, and a few years ago First Lady Michelle Obama spearheaded efforts to makeover school lunches.

Approximately one third of all American youth between 2 and 19 are considered to be obese. With an opportunity to change what kids are eating for lunch, the USDA, the Secretary of Agriculture and the First Lady have created a program that is being implemented now in schools across the country.

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How Pets Help Health

beach dogIf you love spending time with your furry friends, you’re not alone. Approximately 47% of all households have at least one dog, and 37% have at least one cat.

Spending time with a dog, cat or other pet can have a positive and lasting effect on your mood and your overall health. Considering the major impact that stress can have on your body, mind and lifestyle, it’s important to keep as many stress relievers around as possible. Pets can be a meaningful relationship that can have a positive impact on life.

“We found that pet owners, on average, were better off than non-owners, especially when they have a higher-quality relationship with their pets,” said pet researcher Allen R. McConnell PhD for WebMD. He did note that what constitutes a meaningful relationship will differ depending on the pet and the owner. From sharing physical activities together to just spending time on the couch petting your pet, developing a positive relationship can have a number of health benefits you may not have ever thought of.

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The Wonders of Water!

Glass of waterWater is wonderful! This is especially important to remember during these hot days. Hydrating your body with enough water now and throughout the year has some amazing benefits. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how wonderful water can be.

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Kids, It’s Time to Eat Healthy!

Healthy ShoppingAugust is Kids Eat Right Month – and with so much fast food, convenience foods and sweet treats available, it’s easier than ever to eat unhealthy.

The good thing is that there’s a lot that you can do at home and at your school to eat healthier and influence your friends and family. This month, as you head back to school with other kids, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants you to remember that it’s easier than ever to eat healthy.

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Sweat Out the Stress

Sweat Out the StressWhen your stress levels get too high, it can be really easy to indulge in things like chocolate, Netflix binges and sleeping in too much.

Becoming a couch potato may feel like the right thing, but it can actually cause more stress. If you want to lower your stress levels, you need to exercise. Any form of exercise, from yoga to running, can be an effective stress reliever – and it’s easier than you think to get started.

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