Get Immunized!

Healthy_LifeAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month.

It’s an opportunity for the general public to remember the importance of immunization from birth and throughout their life. Immunizations can prevent dangerous and often deadly diseases, as well as serious illnesses like the flu. Although immunizations are often associated with childhood, there are several types of immunizations that teens, adults and elders can benefit from as well.

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Top Tips for Sunburn Remedies

SunburnNo matter how well you may try to plan against them, sunburns happen to all of us at some time.

When the summer sun is too much for your skin, here are some top remedies for getting the relief you need:

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Staying Safe at the Water Park

children sliding down a water slideWhen the temperatures rise, packing up the entire family for a day at the local water park is a good way to spend time together and stay cool. But that doesn’t mean that your safety and awareness should go on vacation.

Among the water attractions, cooling spray zones and wave pools are some very real risks. Young children, especially those that don’t swim, are at high risk in these unfamiliar and fast paced environments. Sunburn and getting overheated can also be risks. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can enjoy all that water parks have to offer and minimize your risk.

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Water Safety for You & Your Family

Little girl in a life jacketSummer brings plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water and water sports. However, it also brings with it some major risks. Water-related injuries and deaths occur each year – but you don’t have to be a statistic. With these tips, you can help keep your entire family safe no matter what type of watery fun you may be enjoying.

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Stay Cool and Safe When Exercising During Summer Months

Exercising OutdoorsThe summer months bring a lot of opportunities for fun – but that doesn’t mean you should let your exercise regimen fall by the wayside.

No matter what type of exercise you do, you can continue to do so with a few modifications throughout the summer. Or if you don’t exercise regularly, it’s a good time to start. You’ll need a few modifications for the hotter weather but that’s no reason to avoid exercise.

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Organic Veggies and Summer Gardening

GardeningSummer is a great time to expand your palate and try new foods that aren’t a regular part of your diet.

With so many fruits and vegetables hitting their peak of perfection during the summer months, it’s easy to incorporate something new. Most people have trouble getting enough veggies in their diets – but you can change all of that this summer. By shopping for or growing your own organic veggies, you can make sure that you and your family members are getting all that nature has to offer.

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How to Keep Pets Safe This Summer

beach dogYour furry friends deserve the best all year round – but summer brings some special circumstances that you need to know about as a pet owner. During the summer months, higher temperatures can lead to more serious conditions.

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Summer Activities for Your Kids

CampSummer activities for kids run the gamut from classes to activities to sleepaway camps. But no matter which you choose, you’re providing your children with an opportunity to learn, grow and – most importantly – have fun.

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Fourth of July Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Fireworks and American FlagFourth of July is often full of great food, amazing fireworks and hot weather – all of which can pose some safety risks if you’re not careful. This summer, make sure your Fourth of July celebration is safe no matter what your plans may include.

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Avoiding and Treating Heatstroke

Girl Drinking WaterHeatstroke – also known as sunstroke – is a serious condition that can cause brain damage, internal organ damage or even death. It can either follow milder heat-related illnesses like heat cramps and heat exhaustion – or it can come out of nowhere with no previous signs.

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