Hearty and Healthy Winter Recipes

As the outside temperatures are lower, are you drawn to foods that are warm and comforting? Soups and stews are hearty choices that will help to fill you up after being outside. Dig into these healthy winter recipes that are nutritious and delicious. They will certainly stick to your ribs and satisfy your hunger.

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Giving The Gift Of Charity This Season

donationsIf you are looking for a way to change up the traditional way you exchange gifts with your family and friends this Christmas, consider giving the gift of charity instead. There are many causes that can use your help, and this is a perfect time of year to offer them support.

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Is this Toy Appropriate? A Quick Guide

Christmas giftAs the Holiday Season draws closer, you will want to make sure that you choose toys that are not only fun for your children to play with, but also safe. With so many options on the market, and with new toys being introduced each year, it can be challenging to choose toys that are appropriate for your child.

In addition, as your family grows up, you need to adjust your ideas about what constitutes appropriate toys for them with each stage of their development. While young children need to be protected from choking hazards, the dangers to older children are seen from other sources.

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It’s Flu Shot Time!

Doctor Smiling To CameraInfluenza (the flu) is a potentially serious disease that puts people in the hospital. In some cases, it can be fatal.

Every flu season, the strain is different, and the infection brings symptoms that can affect people differently. You don’t necessarily need to be run down or have a compromised immune system to get the flu. It’s important to protect your health by getting a flu shot every year. It is the best way to reduce the likelihood that you will get sick.

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Diabetes – Are You At Risk?

diabetesType 2 Diabetes is the boogieman in the closet these days — one in every three Americans is now at risk for developing the disease, though only one in nine currently has the condition. For that one in nine, living with diabetes can become a string of bad days and doctor visits and may even lead to permanent disability if nerve damage or fatigue is severe.

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Local Holiday Events in Central Florida

Holiday CelebrationsEven though we may not get snow, Central Florida is still a Winter Wonderland this time of year!  Below we have compiled some of our favorite holiday light gazing events, festive outings, and rumors of Santa spotting’s for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season!

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You’ve Quit — What’s Next?

Quitting smokingCongratulations — you made the decision to improve your overall health and happiness when you chose to quit smoking.

Giving up cigarettes can be a goal that’s hard to follow through with in the beginning, but if you keep focused on the long-term gains and your reasons for quitting, it can help make the transition period much easier. Whether this is your first attempt to quit or your tenth, you’ll find it’s much easier if you think about the positive outcomes instead of your current struggle.

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Protect Your Personal Information During Online Purchase Transactions

part three of a four-part series

Concept of online shopping with keyboard and credit cardMany Internet users have turned to shopping and buying online, even though they have concerns about the security of their credit card information and the safety of their personal details. Online purchases are here to stay, and while security of your financial information continues to advance, there are still dangers of which to be aware.

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